Paradiso is a production veteran putting in over 8 years of work under various names and aliases.

He’s been cranking out tunes in Ableton, Omnisphere and Komplete. With influences all over the board like Hieroglyphics, STS9, Flying Lotus, and a lot of dub like All Fillman and Skream you can expect heavy club tunes with dub and instrumental Hip-Hop influences that are bound change the game. The Paradiso “Some Time Ago EP” drops March 7th via Black Marble Collective on all digital markets.


Hailing from Chattanooga Tennessee Paradiso drops “Come For Your Fire” his first single from the upcoming “Some Time Ago EP” on Black Marble Collective. This song takes Club Music to another level. Going all original and incorporating vintage sounds of Garage and 90s House, and updating those styles in a forward thinking Jersey Club fashion. Flexing the future of where dance music can take us post POP EDM. This album is club ready for 2017. DJ Friendly and ready for the dancefloor. Be sure to check it out!